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OmniGlow™ - The 2-in-1 Motion Sensor Ultra Bright LED Headlamp & Flashlight
Stay safe & see farther in the dark while you workout, camp outdoors, work, read & more - completely hands-free with OmniGlow
Motion Activated
One-Size Fits All
Fast Charging
1200 Lumens
Water Resistant
8 Hour Battery Life
See & Be Seen In The Dark With Headlamp & Flashlight
The Must Have Tool For All Outdoor Enthusiasts
OmniGlow™ is the new-age safety headlamp that has gone viral amongst outdoor enthusiasts owing to its multi-function design, powerful features, superior comfort & stylish minimalistic design, making the old bulky & bouncy headlamps a thing of the past. Just slip it on with the adjustable headband, turn it on with a wave of your hand & get ready to light up the dark with 1200 lumens offering an unparalleled 230 field of view.

OmniGlow™ Tech Specs

Motion Sensor
Wave your hand to turn light on or off for hands-free operation.
1200 Lumens
Experience best in class 1200 Lumens brightness for dynamic visibility.
Wide Area Lighting
Illuminates a wide area, ensuring nothing stays hidden in the dark.
Impact Resistance
Engineered to be robust, withstanding varied situations and weather conditions.
1,204 Reviews
Built For The Outdoors
OmniGlow™ is the must-have tactical headlamp that will help light up the dark when you need it the most to help you see better & also be seen. OmniGlow™ is trusted by outdoor enthusiasts the world over and for good reason!
Outdoor Activities
Explore the outdoors confidently with OmniGlow. Its bright illumination is perfect for night hikes, mountain climbs, and setting up camps, ensuring nature enthusiasts are never left in the dark.
Light up your nocturnal sports activities with OmniGlow. Ideal for nighttime biking or running, its lightweight and hands-free design ensures safety and convenience.
Brighten up any repair task with OmniGlow. Spotlight intricate details effortlessly and enjoy hands-free operation, making every repair job a breeze.
Function | Comfort | Style
OmniGlow™ includes a powerful side light along with a wide coverage LED strip on the front, that delivers the benefits of an ultra-bright headlamp & flashlight in one!
230° Wide Angle Illumination
The curved LED strip on the front of the headlamp offers an unrivaled 230 field of view for the best-in-class illumination area covered.
5 Lighting Modes
Combination of COB light strip & XPE LED lights offer 5 lighting modes, to meet your lighting needs that you can switch between with ease.
IP6 Waterproof & Impact Resistant
Built for the great outdoors, OmniGlow is forged with lightweight yet durable military-grade alloy to last any season & situation with no damage.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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